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3 Lokomativnaya street
Izmail, Ukraine 68600

Tel: +38 (04841) 2-54-37
Mob: +38 (067) 558-14-42
E-mail: office@rivaholding.com

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RIVA HOLDING is one of the few robust and dynamic grain products suppliers in south-western Ukraine and Moldova, facilitating provision, transportation, storage, delivery and forwarding of agro commodities to end buyers across Ukraine/Moldova and round the world. Since 2000, it has organized the export, storage and delivery of many varieties of high quality wheat and other grains worldwide. The holding group also includes companies - agricultural product producers, namely: the private company "RENIYSKIY AGRARIY" (village Nagornoye) and "AGRO-MIN-DANUBE" LTD (village Suvorovo). Over these ten years of intense activity, our company has developed all-round expertise, and our staff now numbers over 100 skilled personnel. Long term stability is a key to our success.

RIVA HOLDING specializes in:

Riva export grain operations
RIVA is active in exporting grains in bulk/container - terms: EXW, CPT/FOB Black Sea Ports.
Riva grain elevator services
Purchasing, storing, cleaning, drying, blending and containerizing grain at our grain elevator, recently built near Rivas HQ.
Forwarding, transportation, custom-brokerage
Forwarding, transportation and custom-brokerage services in Danube River Ports of Izmail, Kiliya and Reni.


Riva ship agency services
Ship agency services are an integral part of RIVAs trade maritime business


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