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Riva - Your Local Grain Experts & Logistic Masters on the Danube!
  Riva grain elevator services

3 Lokomativnaya street
Izmail, Ukraine 68600

Sergey Dogaru

Larisa Konovalova



Purchasing, storing, treating, cleaning, drying, blending, selling and containerizing grain from our grain elevator recently built near RIVA HQ.

RIVA HOLDING, at very good rates, purchases, stores, cleans, dries, treats, blends, sells and containerizes grain from our own grain elevator, situated 2 km from Port of Izmail near Danube delta on Black Sea. Our elevator receives grain by truck or rail. After processing and storage, grain is transported to port terminal elevators for export; or delivered to anywhere in Ukraine by truck or rail. Major grains, oilseeds and pulses handled at elevator site include wheat, corn and barley, sunflower, rape seeds, rice, peas, millet and sorghum.  

Storage & Treatment

Certified Grain Testing

Transport Services

Export Containerization

RIVA HOLDING is ready to provide the most competitive grain service options in the Danube Delta region for all clients!

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