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Igor Zavgorodni


Modern business of global goods carriage is diverse and high speed, especially forwarding - so RIVAs Forwarding Dept strives for flexible, rapid, custom-made solutions served to our clients round the clock.

Given Ukraines fast-growing agricultural sector, and the worlds greatly increased demand for grain, Danube River transportation and forwarding services have gained a greater role on the market in recent years. RIVA is a major player in this trend and engaged in a wide range of operations.

RIVA has gained expertise in developing advanced transportation schemes for consignment of cargoes forwarded across the Ukraine, Moldova, Danube River and Black Sea. We provide clients with time and cost efficient solutions in forwarding general cargoes, coal and agro commodities. Operating since 2000, RIVA holds a firm position on the market. This comprises broad interaction with the biggest grain traders, cargo owners and carriers. RIVA is the full status member of FIATA and AIFFU, the Association of international Freight Forwarders of Ukraine. Accordingly, RIVA fulfills the following responsibilities and functions

Our communicative trustworthy collaboration with clients guarantees the highest efficiency. Timely, prompt, accurate settlement of contracts is a key priority for us. RIVA commands enough personnel, technical resources and other expertise to achieve optimal performance in grain export.

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